Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 season a huge success!

I changed the angle of the front gate and arch this year to use the street light to my advantage TAKE THAT street light!

One of my favorite pixs this year. The coffin is new this year and was donated by a family friend.

Can't believe the great deal on lightweight skeletons this year at Walgreens. I bough 4 of them and I hope they have them again next year

The Carnival garage haunt this year was so much fun to create and will be very hard to top next year. There are so many cool things you can do with clowns and a carnival theme

Here i'm testing out the shock cage area....YEAP IT WORKS!

This was my costume this year. It's my favorite and I'm thinking of it being my costume for every year. It really goes with all themes and I can improve upon the costume as years go on and add accessories to better the look.

I also had a really awesome year for haunt actors! This was the best turn out ever for having volunteers. 21 total for the both nights open and lots of commitments for next year. I also found some new actors for next year. Thanks to all the actors you guys really made the difference this year to push my haunt over the top as a true neighborhood haunted attraction.

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The October boy said...

Looks Outstanding! Glad to hear everything went well.
And your right...that costume is pretty awesome.