Sunday, August 17, 2008

Halloween is in the air and everywhere

Man Halloween is popping up everywhere. I have now found Halloween in the Dollar Tree, Big Lots ,Micheals ,Garden Ridge Party City and Spirits Halloween Store is getting ready to open 3 locations in the area. I am getting so excited. So much to do I do not know where to begin. Today I bought a mini skeleton and a spider skeleton from Big lots. Me and the family are closing on a house on the 25th of Aug and are packing so I have not been working on any new props. Got to get moved first to start working on stuff for October.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ghost Host& Inflatable haunted house

Well I was looking around for my MP3 player and some speakers today so I can test out my talking skull this Saturday for the TXFX Make and Take. I found a Haunted Mansion file that will week great. I recorded it onto my MP3 player and found some laptop speakers from around the house so I am ready.

My wife went on a 1 year anniversary of her mamas play group on Monday. Early that day I took everything down from the Attic including all the Halloween and put into the spear bedroom. We while she was gone I started digging through all the Halloween stuff with the kiddo's and we decided to blow up the Inflatable Haunted House that I got after Halloween last year. It is awesome.

Here is a video

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Dollar Tree Halloween

I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and found Halloween! They had skull garlands,7" skelletons,skeleton wine glasses,skull cany dishes,tombstones,gargoyls and more. I was so excited to see it in July. I tool some photos with my phone but have not yet downloaded them. I will post later today. And the coolest part is that everything was $1